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AT&T fires back in bid to preserve its deal with Time Warner

Sep 20, 2018

AT&T says Justice Department failed to show price hikes from Time Warner merger

Yellowstone thermal spring erupts for 4th time in 60 years

Sep 20, 2018

Officials at Yellowstone National Park say new thermal activity occurred at the park over the past several days

State-backed hackers target Gmail of US senators, aides

Sep 20, 2018

A U.S. senator says foreign government hackers continue to stalk U.S. senators and their aides through personal email accounts, but the Senate's security arm won't help defend them

Tossed net captures space junk in orbit-cleanup experiment

Sep 20, 2018

Tossed net manages to capture space junk in an experiment to clean up debris in orbit

Study of puzzling fossils confirms they came from an animal

Sep 20, 2018

Scientists say puzzling fossils from more than 500 million years ago are traces of an animal

The Latest: Foreign hackers target US senators, aides' Gmail

Sep 20, 2018

A Google spokesman says the company has notified an unspecified number of senators and aides that their personal email accounts continue to be targeted by state-backed foreign hackers

S&P 500 gets new look as it shuffles some key companies

Sep 20, 2018

Investors may look at the S&P 500 index in a new way next week after some of the biggest companies on index are moved to a new home

Fox-Comcast battle to buy Sky to be settled by auction in UK

Sep 20, 2018

British regulators say that the corporate battle between 21st Century Fox and Comcast to take over broadcaster Sky will be settled by auction.

EU getting 'impatient' with Facebook over consumer data use

Sep 20, 2018

EU consumer protection chief impatient with Facebook's efforts on improving transparency over user data, warns of sanctions

Bye bye bugs? Scientists fear non-pest insects are declining

Sep 20, 2018

Scientists are noticing fewer and fewer moths, ladybugs, fireflies and butterflies, but they can't quite quantify what's happening to flying insect because they never measured how many bugs there used to be

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