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'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has died

Aug 16, 2018

Singer Aretha Franklin, the iconic "Queen of Soul" who voiced classics such as "Respect," "Think" and "Chain of Fools," has died at 76.

One of world's top urban forests threatened by tiny beetle

Aug 16, 2018

One of world's top urban forests threatened by tiny beetle; a 'crisis' in Johannesburg

Italy collapse points to difficulties with aging bridges

Aug 16, 2018

Tragedy in Italy points to complexities of maintaining aging bridges with outdated designs

Endangered Green, Loggerhead turtles make comeback in Cyprus

Aug 16, 2018

Cyprus' Green, Loggerhead turtles make comeback thanks to island's pioneering conservation efforts

Asian stocks slide as investors fret over China's economy

Aug 16, 2018

Global stock indexes fall as investors fret over outlook for growth, especially in China.

Vital US reservoir OK for now, but shortages are looming

Aug 16, 2018

U.S. government water managers say a vital reservoir on the Colorado River will be able to meet the demands of Mexico and U.S. Southwest for the next 13 months, but a looming shortage could trigger cutbacks as soon as the end of 2019

Spacewalkers install bird trackers, send satellites flying

Aug 16, 2018

Spacewalking cosmonauts set up antenna for tracking birds on Earth and send mini satellites on their own flight

After Alex Jones timeout, Twitter CEO mulls deeper changes

Aug 16, 2018

Twitter first gave conspiratorialist Alex Jones a brief time out; then its CEO floated the ideas of deeper changes that might limit the spread of misinformation

Report: SEC subpoenas Tesla about CEO's buyout plans

Aug 15, 2018

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the government regulators have subpoenaed Tesla as they dig deeper into CEO Elon Musk's recent disclosure about a potential buyout of the electric car maker

The Latest: Report-CEO rethinking 'core parts' of Twitter

Aug 15, 2018

Report: Twitter CEO Dorsey is rethinking 'core parts' of the service to fight disinformation

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