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SpaceX says it will fly 2 people to moon next year

Feb 27, 2017

SpaceX says it will fly two people to the moon next year

NASA weighing risk of adding crew to megarocket's 1st flight

Feb 24, 2017

NASA is weighing the risk of adding astronauts to the first flight of its new megarocket

Iranian director to send prominent proxies to Oscars

Feb 24, 2017

An Oscar-nominated Iranian director has announced two prominent Iranian Americans will represent him and his film "The Salesman" at the upcoming Oscar ceremony, because of a travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump

NASA's Jupiter-circling spacecraft stuck making long laps

Feb 23, 2017

NASA's Jupiter-circling spacecraft is stuck making long laps because of sticky valves

7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

Feb 23, 2017

For the first time, astronomers have discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a single nearby star _ and these new worlds could hold life

NASA aims to measure vital snow data from satellites

Feb 21, 2017

Airplanes are scanning the Colorado high country with an array of sensors as scientists search for better ways to measure how much water is locked up in the world's mountain snows

SpaceX launches rocket from NASA's historic moon pad

Feb 19, 2017

SpaceX has launched its first rocket from NASA's historic moon pad

India launches more than 100 satellites into orbit

Feb 15, 2017

India's space agency says it successfully launched more than 100 foreign nano satellites into orbit aboard a single rocket

European space agency to help NASA take humans beyond moon

Feb 8, 2017

The European Space Agency says it will contribute key components for a future NASA mission to take humans around the moon within the next few years

AP WAS THERE: 50 years ago, AP reported on fatal Apollo fire

Jan 27, 2017

AP WAS THERE: 50 years ago, AP reported on fatal Apollo fire

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