Patients who accepted infected kidneys cured of hepatitis C

Aug 6, 2018

Kidneys infected with hepatitis C may help some U.S. patients skip the yearslong transplant waiting list

Genetics technology could lead to more crops, fresher food

Aug 6, 2018

A multinational agricultural company based in Idaho has acquired gene editing licensing rights that could one day be used to help farmers produce more crops and make grocery store offerings such as strawberries, potatoes and avocados stay fresher longer.

Biologists consider options to save emaciated orca

Aug 3, 2018

Federal officials are weighing options to save an emaciated endangered orca that includes feeding it live salmon dosed with medicine

Don't call 12-year-old Mexican university student 'genius'

Aug 3, 2018

The youngest student ever admitted to Mexico's National Autonomous University says he doesn't like to use the word genius to describe himself

Quota raised for subsistence hunting of Chukchi polar bears

Aug 3, 2018

The commission that manages the polar bear population shared by the United States and Russia has increased the quota of bears that can be harvested by subsistence hunters

The Green Big Apple: New Yorkers document the city's plants

Aug 3, 2018

New Yorkers are helping scientists catalog the city's wild plants, one photo at a time

Birds learn another 'language' by eavesdropping on neighbors

Aug 2, 2018

Scientists have discovered that birds can learn to recognize alarm calls of other species, essentially by learning to eavesdrop in a second language

Mexico's National University admits 12-year-old for physics

Aug 2, 2018

Mexico's National University admits 12-year-old for physics degree program

Grieving orca highlights plight of endangered whales

Aug 1, 2018

Whale researchers are keeping close watch on an endangered orca that has spent the past week carrying and keeping her dead calf afloat in Pacific Northwest waters

Warmer soil releasing more carbon, worsening climate change

Aug 1, 2018

Microbes in soil release more carbon into the air, worsening climate change

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